Exhibition is one of the important means of corporate publicity, so how to make better use of exhibition to obtain better results? The booth is equivalent to the business card of a company, so how to make the booth stand out among many companies and attract more visitors' attention? The quality of the booth directly affects the overall effect of the exhibition, so it is necessary to pay enough attention to the design and construction of the booth. So how to achieve innovation in Shenzhen booth design and  booth construction?

1. Use of lights

Shanghai booth design and construction all need to use lighting. The lighting is done well to create a good atmosphere. The lighting should not be too strong. If it is too strong, it will dazzle and give people an uncomfortable feeling. Use more soft lighting and highlight Product features, generally used more lights include downlights, spotlights, led strips, stage lights, cannon lights, etc.;

2. Booth creativity is combined with exhibits

Every exhibitor wants to make their booth look more creative. They often only pay attention to the creativity of the entire booth but ignore the combination of the booth and the product. In this way, the exhibition effect cannot be improved. Most visitors just noticed The booth did not focus on the product, which is actually meaningless;

3. The creativity of the booth starts from the details

The creativity of the booth should not only consider the large structure but also pay attention to the details. You can choose some more personalized, bright colors, environmentally friendly materials, etc. Don't choose some bad quality, which will not only affect the exhibition effect, but also may Cause security problems.

Therefore, in order to have innovation in booth construction, you must consider three aspects: lighting, booth and product combination, and details. In this way, your booth will become more creative and thus get better exhibition results.

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