The exhibition is one of the effective ways for a company to promote, so the booth design and construction is very important to the exhibitors. How can you make your booth design more bright? Next, let's take a look at the little knowledge in the Shenzhen booth design and construction:

1. Booth design and construction should be designed from the perspective of visitors, grasp the points of interest of the visitors, and from the perspective of the target audience, design the exhibition so that the audience can resonate at a glance, which will not only allow visitors to stay A deep impression can also capture more potential customers in the exhibition, so as to reflect the true meaning of participating in the exhibition;

2. When designing and building a booth, the flow of people in the booth is also very important. Before designing and building the booth, you must fully understand the exhibits and the flow of people on display, so as to arrange the booth and attract more target audiences. ;

3. When designing and constructing the booth, there must be attractive signs. The unremarkable booth is not only unable to attract people to watch, but also cannot be remembered, so there must be eye-catching signs or innovative ideas in the booth , This kind of not only can attract more people at the exhibition site, but also let your booth make visitors remember more after the exhibition, so that your company can really play a publicity role in the exhibition;

4. When designing and building the booth, it is necessary to consider the overall space. Even if there is an innovative, rich but overcrowded booth, it will greatly reduce the audience's interest in visiting, and a spacious enough space will make people feel more emotional Relax, so you must plan the space better when designing and building the booth.

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