Project Name: Exhibition Stand Design And Build For CILF

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Shenzhen stand builder

exhibition stand design and build

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Project description: Fire Booth design is a booth construction company,we provide exhibition stand design and build for exhibitor,and we are devoted to offering creative booth stand.

Project details

As of 2019, China (Shenzhen) International Logistics and Supply Chain Export Expo (CILF) has been successfully held for 14 sessions, ranking first in Asia and second in the world. Since its inception, CILF has become a weathervane for the development of the global modern logistics and supply chain industry, and is an international professional platform for leading exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and foreign industries.

Fire Booth Design has provided booth design and construction services for exhibitors of the CILF many times. Fire Booth Design is a Hong Kong exhibition construction company that mainly provides customers with exhibition booth design solutions and international booth design and construction services, and is committed to becoming a high-quality Shenzhen Booth Construction Company.